Kent Twitchell's Current Projects

Kent Twitchell is currently working on five public mural projects, several oil portraits and a series of landscapes of Lake County, California painted in oil and in the new Australian encaustics.

–   Public Murals   –

SITE: Hillside Memorial Park in Culver City, Los Angeles.
Kent is painting three exterior murals overlooking the park and facing the beautiful Al Jolson Memorial. Upon these east-facing walls he hopes to unfold the blessing of classic family. Kent is now painting the first mural, a 19'X16' painting of a young Bride & Groom being blessed by their Rabbi. The other two murals are 29 ft. tall. Each will show a stage in the development of a family devoted to their Jewish faith.

   MURAL 1       MURAL 2 MURAL 3

SITE: California Theater in Downtown San Bernardino.
During January 2000, Kent finished the second of two Mural Monuments to the legendary Will Rogers. Cherokee cowboy, humorist, philosopher, #1 film star, Rogers was unique in American history. He made his final public appearance here in 1935, just six weeks before his fatal plane crash in Alaska with early aviator Wiley Post.



SITE: A search is still on for a three to five story building in Los Angeles, preferably in or near Hollywood, for the Charlton Heston Monument. Kent has already had an extensive photo session with Mr. Heston and is ready to begin as soon as the perfect site has been found.

SITE: The exterior wall of Local 47 at 817 Vine Street in Hollywood.
Kent will paint some of the legendary musicians who have passed through this local, the country's foremost Musicians Union, during the last 100 years. For his first giant portrait he has selected contemporary composer John Williams. He hopes to have him painted sometime in early 2001.


SITE: Somewhere in Los Angeles a one to two story wall is being sought for the Bill Lasarow Monument. Bill is the founder and publisher of ArtScene Magazine and founder of The Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles. He has been an effective Visual Arts Advocate for over 25 years.

–   Portraits   –

Eugene Berk
Joseph A. Gatto
Diane Kanner
Stacy Ninomiya
The Poteet Family
Bennett L. Wright
Nathan Zakheim
Jody Caine
Raphael Fetta
Kyra Hailey
Mike Pate
George Rhode

–   Landscapes   –


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